Shirly Steinlauf seminar

Meiron Zollman is on a direct track to Ph.D.

Meiron Zollmann has been accepted (10/2017) to a direct track to Ph.D. in the group of Dr. Alexander Golberg from the Porter School of Environmental Studies jointly with our laboratory. The research topic will be an intensive cultivation of macroalgae for efficient biofuel energy production with the main focus on nutrient flux

Ron Shnapp received another Dean's award for excellence in graduate studies

PIV Short Course in Eilat

An Introduction to PIV

Shaily Wald Shohat MSc exam

Congratulations to Shaily who successfully finished her M.Sc. thesis on the fluid-structure interaction model of an aortic valve. Shaily modeled the flow and the contact of the valve for several cases from healthy to stenosis and with transplant valves (TAVI) in two configurations. The results and the conclusions are clear and very prominent. We hope to see her journal publication being reviewed and published soon.

Yoav Kessler seminar

Congratulations to Yoav Kessler who presented his seminar at the School of Mechanical Engineering, after the Israeli Conference of Mechanical Engineering and IEEE Sensors 2016 Symposium

Yoav Kessler presented at IEEE Sensors 2016

Congratulations to Yoav Kessler who presented his great work at IEEE Sensors 2016 (acceptance rate below 30%)

Hadar Traugott paper is out of print

Congratulations to Hadar Traugott. Her paper that you could find on arxiv has been finally accepted for publication in Int. J. Multiphase Flow Link

Ron and Alex at IIBR

We are very glad to come back from our first ever “field” experiment with the 3D-PTV system. Ron and Alex, with great help of Yosef and the team of the IIBR have managed to safely transfer (both ways), install and measure in the (likely) the largest wind tunnel in Israel at the Institute for Biological Research. The real-time image processing system allows us to downscale the 3D-PTV recording bandwidth so significantly that we can pack the system in 3-4 boxes and arrive at your place. We could also measure at the speed of 1 m/s in the rough boundary layer. More details to follow. No images were released for the public yet.

Yoav Kessler paper is out at APL

Congratulations to Yoav Kessler. His paper that you could find on arxiv has been finally accepted for publication in the prestigious Applied Physical Letters Link

Shai Li and Barak seminar

Ron Shnapp received the Dean's award for excellence in M.Sc. studies

Hadar Traugott received the prestigious scholarship

Hadar Traugott has received the Boris Mints Institute scholarship for alternative energy projects,

Oz Habibi received two energy grants

Oz Habibi has received the Boris Mints Institute scholarship for alternative energy projects, and the Gordon institute for Energy Research grant to purchase an experimental system for his groundbreaking research on intensification of macro-algae growth.

Journal of Video Experiments (JOVE)

Our colleagues from UIUC have created a great introductory video of one of the applications of the 3D-PTV method using OpenPTV software OpenPTV website

Erez Wenger (R.I.P)

We all are shocked and very sorry to know about so abrupt and unexpected loss of Erez Wenger, our colleague in the past, alumni of the laboratory. Erez started his M.Sc. thesis with our group, continued with Prof. Avi Kribus and tragically passed away at the final stages of his thesis. He was a great man and excellent student. His family received his M.Sc. degree diploma. The abstract of his work can be read from PDF

Poster at Annual Metro450 conference

M.Sc. student seminar

Barak Even Chen and Shaily Wald after the joint M.Sc. seminar, together with their supervisors, Prof. Idit Avrahami and Prof. Alex Liberzon. Nov. 19, 2015


Our lab is a proud member of the Metro450 consortium, - a wafer metrology consortium under MAGNET of the Chief Scientist Office. We participate in the Work Package number 3, working on the prevention of wafer contamination using flows. Our partner is the Applied Materials (Israel) with whom we try to solve the problems in the LoadLock unit that is responsible for the transfer of the wafer from atmospheric to vacuum pressure and back. In addition, we develop a three-dimensional mobile imaging system for the flow analysis in-situ for other partners, such as Jordan Valley and Intel.

New IAESTE student from Brasil

This summer our IAESTE student exchange program visitor is from Brasil. Looking forward. Details will follow

New funding

Together with Prof. Ally Harari from the Volcani center, the Agricultural Research center, and Prof. Roi Gurka from the Coastal Caroline University, we have got approved the Bi-National Science Foundation grant. The project is starting up, the first preliminary results you might find interesting were posted here:

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Some history - when all graduated the same year

In 2009 it was a year when all our M.Sc. students got their undergraduate degree ( a year after actual graduation ). It was a very nice evening and we all got quite excited. barak_shaily