We develop hardware and software for novel measurement techniques, focusing mainly on the small scale structure of turbulence. We design and develop miniature flow sensors based on fluid-structure interactions, three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry with real-time image processing, and novel flexible structure viscometers.


We provide consulting services to defence, biotech, semiconductor, health, energy, agricultural and environmental industries. Flow visualization, measurement and analysis from the setup to the insight. Contact us to get more details. Some projects are highlighted below.


Successful research is a team work. We are always glad to new team members and ready to hear about your ideas and interests. We are looking for perspective students, from undergraduate (2nd year MechE students), M.Sc., Ph.D. and post-docs. See present openings but don't hesitate to ask even if these are fulfilled.


Interesting research and consulting cases

Patented technology - novel real time inline viscometer using fluid structure interaction to measure very low viscosity in flowing fluids

Patent pending technology

The innovation is a low-cost flexible extension to the standard off-the-shelf rotational blade rheometer. State of the art rotational rheometer use fixed and rigid blades, which rotate against a fluid and have limited accuracy at extremely high or low viscosities. Our inventions replaces the rigid blades with flexible blades work by utilizing fluid mechanics and fluid-blade interaction principles and allow to detect small changes of viscosity. The very small viscosity changes are amplified through the interaction of the thin boundary layers on the sidewalls, the high shear in the small gap between the wall and the blade and on the rotating flexible blade itself.

Video clip of a turbulent patch growing and collapsing in a linearly stratified fluid

Entrainment in stably stratified flows

Turbulent patch in stratified environment it's a model of strong episodic turbulent events that are present in oceanic and atmospheric flows. Have you ever felt the "bumpiness" during the flights? Some of those are due to the localised turbulent events. How these grow, do they saturate, what is their lifetime?

Places we visited

Rain inside the Ben Gurion airport, TLV

One of the pleasant sides of the academic world is of course its global nature, and opportunity to meet new people and visit new places. Rephrasing US-Navy, "join academia and see the world". We ask our team members to share photos from their trips (mainly to the conferences, scientific meetings, field experiments, secondments, not so much their private trips) and post it here on our lab website. Read more ...

Recent news

There are few papers that are fresh out in press in the last couple of months. We update the news in our publications page automatically, using Mendeley (join us) and also on our blog here . There are also frequent updates of our activity on Twitter, Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn social networks. See at the bottom of the page the links.

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